Programme Information

International trade department of our faculty started to operate on the date of 30.01.2013 with the decision of Turkish Higher Education Institution in order to educate students as people who can satisfy our country’s foreign trade goals in global market, know principals and rules of international trade, aware of the opportunities and treatments and manage them, competitive, dynamic and can add value to the places they are found in.

The department takes the new dimensions of international trade and goods, labor, capital and freeness inentrepreneurship named as capitalism into the education topics. The mainfactors for the development and configuration of the department are the freeness of international relations in the trade of goods and services and also the importance of competitive global markets. In order to take a good place in the world economy of our country and Turkish firms in that competitive environment, a strong economy and specialist personnel in the field of international trade are extremely important.

Economy, management, administration, accounting and finance are the main subjects of the department. International trade and economic relations, marketing, international finance, logistic management, international economy and commercial regulations, international organizations, applications of World Trade Organization, import-export management, expo, freezone applications, negotiation and bargaining techniques are the major area courses. The academic program of the department aims for the students topossess the theoric and practical practicum related with the international trade.