Programme Information
The purpose of Department of Physics Education is to supply the needs of physics teachers for secondary schools. School year comprises of 4 years. Neither foreign language training prep class nor evening education is present. Theoretical physics content courses are supported with laboratory applications and technology content courses are conducted at well equipped computer laboratories. As physics teacher candidates our students actively participate in our Science and Mathematic Education Demonstrations that are priodically arranged each year by our department . In addition, our Scientific Thought and Research Group organizes some competitions (such as photograph or designing of lesson materials), theatrical plays, scientific expeditions, spring festivals and sportif competitions. The students who successfully complete all of the courses of the programme with 240 ETCS credits and achieve at least 2.00 grade point average (GPA) out of 4.00 are given Bachelor''s Degree in Physics Education at the end of five-year period. Graduate students can serve as physics teachers at various secondary schools (public or private) or private teaching institution. In addition, they can work at various institution (publics or private) under different occupations, can work at some museums or science and technology research centers. What''s more, they have the opportunity to follow postgraduate education and work as academic staff at universities.