Occupational Profiles of Graduates
After graduating as an Architect, our students have a wide range of working opportunities in front of them with regard to their education and courses through their school years, the elective courses on special subjects, and their experiences and and their degree of talents. Student who are willing to work as an academician at the Universty has the opportunitiy to apply for master degree programm, be accepted and apply for a position as an Research Assistant at the department of Architecture. After successfully completeing their studies they can receive their Ph.Degree in Architecture, apply for Intructor Dr. position at the university and receive Assistant Prof., Assoc.Prof and Proffesor degree respectively. Newly graduated architects can work in architecteral offices and construction companies, building inspection firms, restoration firms, building materials manufacturing companies in private sector in and outside of the country as an architect in office or at site with regard to their specifications and talents. Also after receiving an acceptable degree in KPSS examination they can be appointed to architect positions at Government institutions and their construciton, architectural offices (project design, project aplication, restoration) municipalities etc. Apart from these each newly graduated student can also establish their own firm and seek job opportunities in free market and enter Architectural competitions