Program Learning Outcomes
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Theoretical, Factual
- Has the advanced knowledge and understanding necessary for providing the basic work on area of architecture, planning and design on the basis of competencies gained at the undergraduate level.
- Has a critical awareness of the problems related to the nature of the information, sources of information and the production and testing of knowledge through interfaces in between. Architecture / planning / design and the other fields.
Cognitive, Practical
- Has the specialized problem-solving skills which are necessary to develop new knowledge and methods in the Related research field and to integrate information coming from different areas.
Ability to work independently and take responsibility
- Defines an academic study. Executes it with a critical and an independent manner. Academic dialogue is conducted for critical and categorical results. Presents and publishes papers at national and international congresses and media.
- Being aware of the social and ethical responsibilities arising from the implementation of information and decisions he/she makes, handles complex cases and integrates knowledge and produces decisions with incomplete or limited information
Learning Competence
- Manages and converts the earned knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills in new environments, outside the usual, broad, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas that may be above context, complex or unpredictable working or learning contexts
Communication and Social Competence
- Show that he/she can develop dialectical thinking on social norms and relationships, and leads to change.
- Knows and uses at least one foreign language, at least European Language Portfolio B2 General Level, together with information on the required level of computer software and communication technologies as an interactively.
Field-based Competence
- Contributes to the practical knowledge and applications of the teams working at the filed on the related research area and /or assume responsibilities for reviewing the strategic performance.
- Mesleki yüksek lisansta mesleki uygulama yeterliliği için geçerli sertifikasyonu kazanmak için gerekli yetkinliklere sahiptir.
- Develops strategies, policies and implementation plans on the related field and evaluates the results obtained from the work in the framework of quality processes.