Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Civil Engineering is an exciting and challenging profession that deals with planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of different kinds of structures which are to meet the basic needs of human beings such as housing, transportation, health, education, commerce, energy etc. utilizing natural and financial resources effectively and efficiently incorporating creativity and scientific knowledge. The goal of civil engineering department is to bring up noble, sensitive, responsible engineers, who acknowledge the importance of learning and sharing the facts with others, through providing them basic knowledge on civil engineering, helping them developing a creative mind, training them on research, planning, design and application techniques
2- Have skills and professional background in describing, formulating, modeling and analyzing the engineering problem, with a consideration for appropriate analytical solutions in all necessary situations
3- Have the necessary technical, academic and practical knowledge and application confidence in the design and assessment of machines or mechanical systems or industrial processes with considerations of productivity, feasibility and environmental and social aspects.
4- Have the ability of designing and conducting experiments, conduction data acquisition and analysis and making conclusions
5- Have the practice of selecting and using appropriate technical and engineering tools in engineering problems, and ability of effective usage of information science technologies
6- Have ability of identifying the potential resources for information or knowledge regarding a given engineering issue
7- Have abilities and performance to participate multi-disciplinary groups together with the effective oral and official communication skills and personal confidence
8- Have motivation for life-long learning and having known significance of continuous education beyond undergraduate studies for science and technology
9- Is aware of the importance of safety and healthiness in the project management, workshop environment as well as related legal issues
10- Have the ability for effective oral and official communication skills in Turkish Language and, at minimum, one foreign language
11- Have consciousness for the results and effects of engineering solutions on the society and universe, awareness for the developmental considerations with contemporary problems of humanity
12- well-structured responsibilities in profession and ethics