Program Learning Outcomes
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1- In addition to knowledge about advanced research methods and techniques, employment of these methods and techniques are learned.
2- Skills are gained so that taking responsibility for solving problems about healthcare management scope in the complex and unpredicted situations such as crises and conflicts.
3- Fundamental concepts and basic functions of healthcare management is comprehended in the master degree.
4- Career development programs for staff who works on healthcare management activities and projects as an inferior position are planned and managed.
5- Accurate project methods are chosen and applied for enhancing project planning effectiveness.
6- Competency of generation innovative and creative ideas and also transformation of these ideas to real be gained.
7- A research which needs specialization on healthcare management and related disciplines can be individually or cooperatively as a member of a team conducted.
8- Skills on accession, assessment and application of current literature related to healthcare management are acquired.
9- Skills on chasing current developments related to healthcare management and skills on seeing, understanding, interpreting and creative idea generation in the terms of societal transformation is acquired.
10- Quantitative studies such as statistical and economical analyses used for administrative decisions can be conducted, also acting ethical and obeying societal, cultural, scientific codes during the collection, interpretation, application and communication of data/ knowledge are gained.
11- Skills on comprehension of fundamental components of health systems, health plans and politics in both Turkey and the world; recognition of leading actors in health system; assessment of health sector in the perspective of economical and financial dimensions; benchmarking different health systems are acquired.
12- Comprehension, assessment and implementation skills on basic management functions such as planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling are acquired.
13- Knowledge about healthcare management are communicated by means of using various materials and devices if necessary by talking at least one foreign language.