Graduation Requirements
(1) Exams are evaluated over 100 total score. Percentages of mid-term and final exams are suggested to Rectorship by considering the features of the courses. Also, at the beginning of the semester course instructors give information about context of the course, success criterias, related sources and office hours.

(2) For the students who fulfill the conditions mentioned in article 21, the score calculated like above is called raw success score.

(3) A student whose raw success score is less than 25.00 gets directly the grade (FF) and counted as unsuccessful from that course. The grade of a student whose raw success score is more than 25.00 is calculated by one of the methods prepared by Rectorship by considering arithmetic mean and distribution function and then determined as one of letters grades with coefficients given below. With this evaluation, it is possible for raw success scores 25.00 and over to be equivalent to (FF) letter grade.

(4) Grades and coefficients are as listed below:

Grades    Coefficients

AA        4.00

BA        3.50

BB        3.00

CB        2.50

CC        2.00

DC        1.50

DD        1.00

FD        0.50

FF        0.00

B: Successful - for non-credit courses,

K: Failed – for non-credit courses,

D: Unattended,

G: Not entered,

M: Exempt,

S: Incomplete,

E: Deficient (Not corrected (E) grades turn to (FF) grade on the following semester)

(5) A student with the grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB), (CC) from a course is considered as passed the course. Besides, students whose GPA is at least 2.00 for a semester/year are also considered successful from the courses with the grade (DC) in the same semester/year. This result is described as (DC+).

(6) (B) and (K) grades are not included in calculating means.

(7) (M) grade is given to students come from out of university or come via OSYM YGS/DGS exams for the courses they took before and the ones accepted by administrative board. (M) grade is not included in calculating means.