Programme Information
In one aspect, mathematics is an art, in another aspect, it is a language. Galileo says that “Nature was written in mathematics”. The order and harmony of the physical world are based on mathematics. Mathematics appear as a common language and tool from Einstein''''''''''''''''s relativity theory to a market shopping. The usage of mathematics that takes abstract subjects, numbers and space, and their relations as an area is rapidly increasing. The main aim of the department is to train mathematicians that have adequate equipment who can face with emerging technologies and can work in the research and technical fields. Mathematics department was founded in 1982 as an individual department under this aim. Both undergraduate and graduate educations are given in the department. There are six main branches of science within the department: Analysis and Functions Theory, Algebra and Numbers Theory, Geometry, Topology, Mathematical Logic and Fundamentals of Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics. Since 2011, our department maintains its graduate and undergraduate activities under the faculty of science.