Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Pharmacology (Medicine) master''s program, students must complete 60 ECTS credits of courses (including the mandatory courses) and must successfully complete their thesis study (60 ECTS), to fulfill the requirement of at least 4 semesters of education, research and practice activities.

 In order to establish a thesis defense jury; the student must provide the documentation of the proof of an at least one poster or an oral presentation at a national or international conference, congress or symposium, or, a scientific article accepted/published in a national or international peer-reviewed journal, or, achievement of a patent or establishment of a utility model, prepared with his/her advisor related to the subject of the thesis. The proof document, approved by the advisor, should be presented to the institute through the governance of the Department Head. The student should have successfully completed the thesis study and thesis defense, under the direction of the advisor.