Programme Information


Prof.Dr. Canan ULUOĞLU (Department Head)

Prof.Dr. Çimen KARASU

Prof.Dr. H. Zafer GÜNEY

Prof. Dr. Süreyya BARUN

Assoc. Prof. Sevil ÖZGERİLHAN

Assoc. Prof. ErginDİLEKÖZ

Assoc. Prof. Gökçe Sevim ÖZTÜRK FİNCAN 

 Major researchtopics are Molecular Pharmacology, cell signaling, clinical pharmacology,pharmacogenetics, tissue function studies, animal models, in vitro and in vivostudies. In vitro organ baths, organ perfusion equipment, myograph, HPLC (HighPerformance Liquid Chromatography), chemiluminometer, fluorometer, ELISA,fluorescent microscope, flow cytometry, Western blot, simultaneous cellanalysis system, basic equipment for cell culture are available in thelaboratories.  In our laboratories,gluco-lipo-toxicity cell culture models, oxidative protein damage and redoxstress models, insulin resistance-diabetes animal models, investigation ofeffects and mechanisms of action of various drugs and chemicals in isolatedsmooth muscle and isolated organ preparations, ischemia reperfusion models,evaluation of analgesic efficacy , learning and memory models, are majorresearch topics.


 Master''''s,doctorate and fellowship programs are carried out in our department.

 Master’s Program: Graduatesof the Faculty of Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine can apply to theGraduate Program. Eligibility for the prerequisites defined by Gazi UniversityInstitute of Health Sciences, is required for the applications. The informationabout the latest regulations regarding the acceptance conditions and exam datescan be provided from Institute of Health Sciences.

 Ph.D. Program: Graduatesof the Faculty of Medicine can apply to the PhD program. Eligibility for theprerequisites defined by Gazi University Institute of Health Sciences, isrequired for PhD applications. The information about the latest regulationsregarding the acceptance conditions and exam dates can be provided from Instituteof Health Sciences.

 Fellowship Program:Students who passed Specialty in Medicine Exam (TUS) are accepted to thisprogram.