Profile of the Programme
Phtotherapy postgraduate program is established to determine the identification of herbal medicinal drugs, preparation of tea samples from herbal drugs and different pharmaceutical preparations from herbal drugs (extract, tincture etc.) to be used for medical treatment. Standardizations of the preparations through a standard substance, standardization, stabilization, qualitative and quantitative analysis, biological activity studies, interactions and biotechnological studies on herbal preparations. The aim of this program is to train experts who are included in the scope of this program and potential to reinforce the knowledge of Pharmacognosy, understand Phytotherapy, conduct phytoterapy researches and evaluate the results of these studies.. Also, to train the experts, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of phytotherapy, who can identify herbal drugs used in phytotherapy and have a command of monograph analysis related with the drugs used in phytotherapy and who meets the need for the specialists in the sector of drugs of biological origin.