Graduation Requirements
1) The normal term of the master''''''''''''''''s program with thesis is four semesters, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled for each semester, starting from the semester when the courses related to the program in which they are enrolled are registered, excluding the time spent in the scientific preparation.

2) A minimum of nine courses including seminar course, thesis preparation course, specialization course and thesis work,
ethic in science and scientific research techniques course, research and publications topics, not less than 24 credits and 60 ECTS at least 120 ECTS credits. The seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. The ECTS values ​​of the seminar and credited courses are determined by the institute board related to the recommendation of the academic board with the department.

3) A student in a thesis graduate program must write his / her results in accordance with the thesis writing rules approved by the Senate and defend his thesis orally at the jury.

4) The fact that at least one declaration prepared by the instructor together with the advisor is presented in a poster or oral form at a national or international conference, congress or symposium, one of the conditions of a scientific article being accepted / published in a national or internationally accepted journal is required as a prerequisite for the establishment of a master thesis defense jury. Before graduate thesis is taken into defense, the institute is presented with the consent of the advisor.