Access to Further Studies
Candidates who successfully complete the master''s program can study in doctoral programs.

1) Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 / 4.00 and have a thesis graduate diploma or equivalence / school recognition certificate issued by the Higher Education Council in order to apply to the doctorate program.

2) Applying to doctorate and art proficiency programs; After graduation with a thesis, the program applied for the type of score is 60 and above from ALES (Education Entrance Exam),

3) Applicants after thesis with a thesis must get a minimum score of 55 from the foreign language exam made in the last 5 years

4) Applicants who apply for the programs offered; taking into consideration the proposal of the jury of ten persons to be proposed by the decision of the relevant chairman of the academic board and subjecting it to an aptitude test / portfolio examination or interview / written examination by a jury consisting of at least three and maximum five original and two substitute members determined by the decision of the relevant institute board of directors.