Profile of the Programme

The objectives of this programme are to train the individuals who are gained basic knowledge and skills in the field of biochemistry. Major research facilities include; platelet receptors and signaling pathways in the determination of new therapeutic targets, clarification of molecular pathways of platelet receptor-ligand relationship of  compounds by using molecular modeling techniques, enzyme activity studies such as antioxidant, NAMPT, SIRTs, aldose reductase, effects of free radicals in various diseases, oxidative stress parameters, antioxidant defense systems, atherogenic / antiatherogenic mechanisms in cardiovascular diseases and the expression of some genes in cancer.

Between 1983-2001, Biochemistry Department of Pharmacy Faculty master programme jointly conducted with the Biochemistry Department of Medical Faculty. Since 2001, the master programme of Biochemistry Department conducted by members of Biochemistry Department of Pharmacy Faculty. There are 4 professors, 1 associated professors  and 4 research assistants in the department. There are basic laboratory instruments and measurement instruments in department labs.