Graduation Requirements

Averagegrade point average for graduation; non-thesis / graduate higher educationminimum 2.50 / 4.00; and at least 3,00 / 4,00 for proficiency in doctorate andart. Students who have not completed the graduation requirement when they havecompleted their total credit receive this condition by taking new courses /courses.

Studentswho do not have the right to take the final exam because they do not fulfillthe attendance obligations or the conditions for the course applications aredeemed as absent (D) and the student is treated as a success letter grade (FF).Courses such as thesis work, seminar and term project are evaluated as successful(B) or unsuccessful (K). (B) and (K) grades do not participate in the overallgrade average. Students who do not participate in the exams are given a grade(G) not entered and the result is treated as a letter grade (FF).

No objections can be made to the student acceptance, visa, final,completeness and other exam results other than material faults in order to openthe judicial way. Material objections shall be made in writing to the concernedinstitute directorates within the latest five business days following theannouncement of the exam results in the student information system. Anyobjections not made within the time limit are not considered. If necessary, theopinion of the faculty members responsible of the course is taken intoconsideration and corrected if the material error is determined on theexamination papers and examination grades. The material error will be announcedwithin fifteen days at the latest by showing the relevant student.