Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Access to information through scientific research, To gain the ability to evaluate and interpret and to have the knowledge and skills as a high quality thesis writing theses in accordance with the criteria set by the Senate.
2- To gain a deep knowledge in professional practice and use the available information.
3- To improve the infrastructure of a research in the field of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language , to participate in research projects, participate in national and international seminars and conferences to have qualifications.
4- To have qualifications for problem solving in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language in terms of data collection, analysis and interpretation.
5- Professional competence and self-improvement in life have to be constantly informed of developments.
6- How to use the basic information from the grasp of the process of undergraduate education, information skills are not sufficient to be eligible to complete.
7- To implement the most appropriate teaching strategies, methods and techniques taking into account the characteristics and achievements of the subject area, development characteristics and individual differences according to their level.
8- Seeing the main problems of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language and learning for solving the problem.
9- To implement learned information about which method or methods in foreign language teaching will be more successful, to offer more qualified instruction to students and thus to target being a good model for them.
10- To implement lifelong learning characteristics in his/her life and also to make his/her students gain them.