Program Learning Outcomes
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Theoretical, Factual
- Undergraduate qualification and based on their level of expertise in the field of educational science, has theoretical and practical knowledge, develops and deepens this information.
- Discusses the interaction between the disciplines that comprise the Classroom teaching field.
Cognitive, Practical
- Uses information in the field of Classroom teaching and in the field of theory and practice, develops and deepens this information.
- Creates new information based on Interdisciplinary approach.
- Problems that require expertise in the relevant field using scientific research methods and process solutions brings.
Ability to work independently and take responsibility
- Solves the problems in the area of Classroom teaching based on the steps of problem-solving process.
- Develops new strategies and solutions when encounter unexpected situations and takes responsibility.
- In individual and team work, taking an active role to fulfill their responsibilities, produces solutions to problems they face.
Learning Competence
- Has metacognitive awareness to critically evaluate information about the area and directs learning.
- Continues to work in his/her field by taking into consideration of the framework of lifelong learning.
Communication and Social Competence
- Transfers developments in the field of classroom teachers and their work, in the field and outside groups, by written, oral and visual forms.
- Uses a foreign language at least at the level of European Language Portfolio B2 and use verbal and written communication.
- Shares of oral and written studies related to their field in national / international levels.
- Effectively uses computer software required by the discipline of information and communication technologies.
Field-based Competence
- Reviews plans and Issues related to the field of classroom teaching strategies, policies and implementation, evaluate the results in the context of quality processes.
- Uses social, scientific and ethical values related to the field of data collection, interpretation and dissemination.
- Uses knowledge acquired in the field of classroom teaching in interdisciplinary settings.
- Evaluates current developments in line with national values and realities of the country.
- Develops implementation plans about issues related to the field of strategy, policy and implementation and the results obtained are evaluated in the context of quality process.