Programme Information

Mission of the Electricity and Energy Program;

To train qualified manpower to increase the competitiveness of industry, commercial and service sectors.

To give importance to certificate education as well as diploma education.

To educate highly qualified and qualified personnel who will contribute to the development of our country''s level of development, prosperity and happiness, improve and develop oneself, researcher, questioning, analytical thinking structure, able to lead the society in changing world conditions and respect human values.

 Competing in service, efficiency and quality to take as a basis.

To communicate and cooperate with business and society on the basis of mutual benefit.

To ensure that the institution is effective in the development of vocational schools. To this end, to act as a “center of attraction..

Undertake active roles in Vocational and Technical Education (VET) in national and international organizations, symposiums, conferences, seminars and so on. Organize or participate in such activities. To share international knowledge and experience through agreements. Developing projects for EU, USA, Eurasia and business world.

Vision of Electricity and Energy Program;

Taking into consideration the global trend in Vocational Technical Education (VET), ensuring the development of the institution in a way that continuously meets the needs, wishes and expectations of the society and the business world.

To be in continuous cooperation with public and private sector without compromising national values, educating qualified professionals required by local, regional and global market with scientific studies and pioneering innovations.

Graduates will be able to employ in local, national and international environments.

To make the institution a center of attraction. To be recognized as a reputable member of the global MTE community. To contribute to the transfer of international accumulation in MTE.

To take an active role in the formation of national VET policies and strategies, with the priority of Vocational and Technical Higher Education.


To train qualified professional personnel who respond to the needs of the sector, have gained the necessary professional competencies in line with scientific and technological developments.

Meet the rapidly changing technical requirements of the era and society.

To train technicians who are open to innovation, sensitive to society, high self-confidence, conciliatory and sharingist.

 Respect academic merit, experience and labor,