Program Learning Outcomes
Display Style
Theoretical, Factual
- He/she has information about structure, functioning and the importance of country development of recreation area
- She/he has comprehensive and systematic knowledge about concepts and theories in the area of recreation
- He/she has knowledge about principles and facts concerning recreation
- He/she has practical and theoretical information that are required to effectively manage the Recreation businesses
- He/she has knowledge about Recreation area with access to relevant scientific information, new studies, monitoring, evaluation and implementation
Cognitive, Practical
- He/she defines the information and data as professional sense and synthesizes, analyze, interpret and evaluate.
- He/she uses the knowledge that they have in the solution of problems
- He/she develops recommendation concerning the things he/she face the problem situations’ solutions in the area where recreation programs are performed
- He/she has Critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skill
- He/she has competence and skills of first intervention the health problems that may occur in recreational areas
Ability to work independently and take responsibility
- He/she has the information of individual differences that are required in the design and implementation of recreation space-related programs
- He/she works in order to contribute the development of the project that are protection of health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social development through participation in recreational activities independently or as a team member and manages the team
Learning Competence
- He/she uses both basic andthe information and communication technologies of their field of study with advanced software
- He/she plans recreation programs and physical activity by taking into account differences and environmental opportunities and uses right methods and techniques in appropriate with theoretical / scientific basis
Communication and Social Competence
- He/she can follow the information about the field of study by using at least a foreign language at the level of European Language Portfolio B2 and make communication
- He/she communicate as written, verbal and nonverbal and perform the ability of presentation besides the using Turkish effectively
Field-based Competence
- He/she evaluates Democracy, human rights, social, scientific, cultural and professional ethics values with the a critical perspective and develops appropriate behaviors
- He/she knows and practice the things related with recreation areas with the relevant national and international legal regulations and professional standards
- He/she has information about national and international the situation in different cultures related the recreation area
- He/she uses and comments Periodicals national and international organizations reports related to recreation areas