Programme Information
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a department that adopts the principles of fundamental engineering science and aims to give the theoretical and practical electrical and electronics education in the undergraduate and postgraduate level in its area. In this regard, in our country and in the world, to educate engineers who can track the up-to-date science and technology in the electrical and electronics area, and who have the skills of analysis and application is the main objective of our department. In accordance with this objective, for implementation of scientific and technological innovations in order that it contributes to the service of our country and of all humanity, industrial facilities are utilized as well as much as benefiting the existing workshops and laboratories in our department. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering gives educational program about designing and analysis of electrical and electronic circuits and systems, communication systems, electrical plants, electrical machinery and automation systems in addition to the basic concepts of engineering. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering admits students from both general high schools and vocational high schools and, in particular technical high schools providing education in the related field.