Profile of the Programme
In order to graduate, students should attend 64 courses in total. 43 of them are theoretical and applied basic lectures. Among 43 courses, 10 lectures are elective courses. Also, there are 10 other must courses in addition to basic professional lectures.The lectures are both applied and theoretical in the department. In the department, the planning project courses select case study areas for each year within the framework of the course. In each semester, classes have technical visits to the study areas which last around a week, the attendance to the technical visits are necessary for the students. The towns of case areas are the laboratories of City and regional Planning department. Students are able to visit 3-4 different towns during their education process in the department. Also, Planning Project courses are in the category of special evaluated lectures. Also, in the department there is a computer lab with the capacity of 55 users which support students knowledge on recent information technology.The lectures need pre-conditions are all Planning Project courses, Economics II, Urban Sociology, Urban Geography, Urban Economics and Urban Design Studio II, Summer Prctice I, Summer Prcatice II.