Programme Information
City planning is a discipline that takes an active role in research and production of plans, programs and projects complying with the national settlement and development planning framework, and in the realization of the required steps to reach the goals that are suggested within the plan framework. The mission of our Department is to teach the processes, tools and possible impacts that compose and transform space at different scales by taking into consideration the realities and the culture of the country, and to train city and regional planners in such a way that they would acquire systematic thinking, analyzing, and questioning; functioning in multi-disciplinary teams; establishing effective written and oral communication; having professional and ethical responsibility, leadership skills, the knowledge of developing environmentally sensitive new visions; and seek alternative solutions to the problems regarding participation and social/public benefit; and undertaking responsibility in implementation at universal standards.The aim is to train students capable of conducting scientific research on ‘Regional Planning’, ‘Urban Planning’, ‘Urban Design’ and ‘Urban Conservation and Renewal’ topics. The strategic vision of the Department is to provide students the potential to make urban policies that will generate livable, sustainable, high-quality urban environments, and a systematic approach that will help them practice as leaders and facilitators in implementation and monitoring stages of planning.