Programme Information

It is a field of study helping creativethinking to evolve into society, user and producer friendly mass production byintegrating with concepts of function, shape, value and identity. This programgives students necessary education to design and develop products which areinnovative, beneficial, safe, aesthetically appropriate, and sensible to socialand cultural values. Industrial Design deals with system of social values,results of global interaction, and consumer expectations. Besides, duringdesign process it uses information gathered by researches such as trendanalysis shaped by national and global economy, consumption culture, andcompetition processes. In this context, it is aimed to enhance student’sgeneral perspective for subjects like marketing, corporate identity, definingproduct strategy representing brand, besides issues like basic product designproject knowledge and design culture. Aim of this program of which educationlanguage is 30% English is to become a leading education and researchinstitution giving Industrial Design Education on international standards,consistently generating information by conducted researches and thus serving tosociety and humanity, targeting technological and scientific development in accordancewith national expectations and needs.