Profile of the Programme
The purpose of education given at our Department of Physics Education is to educate teachers who has an individual-professional development, skills of science-technology literacy, positive attitudes towards herself/himself or around, adequate knowledge of physical knowledge, effective laboratory skills, scientific process skills, ability to follow current education programme, ability to select appropriate measurement and evaluation methods, ability to make suggestions to problems that are feced at our education systems after indicating them and to educate academists who contribute to science by doing research that increase qualification of education, has able to use her/his products for society. Our department has a pioneer position to educate teachers and academists as well. Moving this position to the upper position that is accepted by international communities is one of the main porpose of our department. In this regard, vision of our department is to be able to a department that has able to educate teachers who has modern understanding of teaching, contributes to education system by arranging some in-service trainings, symposiums and congresses, develops some national-international projets and has a efficient role for carring out them.