Programme Information
Training period is 4 years, the Department of Geography Education. The language of instruction is Turkish. Technological possibilities in addition to theoretical courses where all kinds of practical courses in geography class, supported by Geographic Information Systems courses. There are master''''''''s and doctoral programs in the department. Since 2009, the Erasmus Intensive Programs 6-10 students each year to foreign countries under the main field. Geography teacher nominated students received during the period under various courses takes active part in exhibitions and organizes these exhibitions. Discipline among the students to meet food, tea meetings, scientific and technical purposes, such as field studies carried out in various social and scientific activities. 5th grades within the scope of the seminar and project course graduation thesis, the student in the Department of courses given in terms of field work done in terms of the understanding and importance. Completed her undergraduate work as a teacher of geography graduates of public and private sectors. Department is currently two professor, a associate professors, two asst. prof., 1 dr. and 3 research assistant.