Profile of the Programme

The mainaim of the preschool education program is to provide the students with the basicknowledge and skills necessary for their professional lives. Besides, to trainpre-school teachers who can combine theoretical knowledge with fieldexperience, can create a correct model for their students in their personal andprofessional lives, is following closely developments in the field, is efficientuse of time and has effective communication skills, have adopted scientificethics rules, is aware of life-long learning and is sensitive to human beings,society and nature.

The programis enriched with elective courses, while compulsory field knowledge, teachingprofession knowledge and general culture courses are included.

Courses areconducted theoretically and practically. Theoretical courses in the program areheld in technology-supported classrooms. Practical courses are conducted underthe supervision of the related teaching staff and teachers who are working atnursery class and independent kindergarten which are affiliated to the Ministryof National Education or kindergartens opened by competent institutions inchild education. Application required courses such as visual arts,material design and tool building are held at various workshops on campus.

Teachercandidates graduated from this program are able to work as preschool teachersor as school administrators in public schools or private sectors. Graduates canalso be employed in institutions such as TÜBİTAK, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy or the Ministry of National Education, they can work as aninstructor in pre-school education departments of universities with an academic career.