Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Understands the structure and function relationships of living things.
2- Transfer of genetic information between species and populations will understand.
3- The structure and function of ecosystems understands the relationship between matter and energy.
4- Live diversity, understand the origin and evolutionary development and comments.
5- Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity executes the necessary work.
6- Understand the historical development of the science of biology synthesizes.
7- Acquired knowledge and skills in biology education, technology, industry, agriculture, forestry, health and environmental uses to solve problems.
8- Biological idea of ​​individual, social, economic, technological and environmental issues apply.
9- Universal values ​​of social justice and the environment will have.
10- Biological studies and other related sciences and foreign languages ​​are aware of the importance.
11- Inside and outside the field of multidisciplinary studies of duties and responsibilities.
12- Reveals problems related to biology, is unable to solve the hypothesis, results of analyzes, reviews and develops models.
13- Follows of the latest information on the biology and comments.
14- Biology related topics written, oral and presentation techniques can be transferred using.
15- Provide effective communication in biology.
16- Sensitive to global issues with the knowledge and achievements of the country that represents the interests, researching and be productive individuals.
17- Biology laboratory techniques and devices used in application areas such uses.
18- Developing technologies based on biological data is transferred to a computer and analyzed using the appropriate program.
19- Work safety and health issues will have sufficient awareness.
20- Ethical values​​, which individuals would have a relationship of trust between stakeholders