Programme Information
Chemistry department is established in 1982. The main objectives of the department are to teach and educate the students to work in chemistry and chemistry related areas, to gain how to run quality control tests, to be able work in the research and development labs of various chemical plants and also to be able to establish their own works. The department posesses five main divisions namely: Analytical, Bio, Inorganic, Organic and Phyical-Polymer chemistry. In the department three are 27 Full-Professors, 10 Assoc. Professors, 4 Assist. Professors, 1 lecturer, 17 research assistants, 3 experts. By department faculty members have a large number of scientific studies published in national and international journals. The part of the Scientific research is supported by European Union frame programs, State planing organization (DPT), TUBITAK and Gazi University Scientific Research Unit. The Degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry are offered by the Institute of Science and Technology of GAZI University in cooperation with Chemistry department. Chemistry department has number of research laboratories and chemical characterization facilities. Graduated students assume Chemist title. They can be hired by State and private organizations.