Program Learning Outcomes
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1- To be able to gain the basic concepts in chemistry theory and applications and to make necessary connections
2- To be able to use the approaches and knowledge of different disciplines in chemistry in basic and applied fields.
3- Identifying problems related to chemistry, making hypothesis about problem solving by synthesis and problem solving by using various observational and experimental methods.
4- To be able to follow and use the chemistry literature and to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills orally or in writing.
5- To gain the ability to work actively in projects and activities aimed at professional development in both individual and multidisciplinary groups and to take responsibility in situations that may arise in this process.
6- To be able to establish links with the other disciplines about social problems and concerns and to learn the differences and similarities of the knowledge between this discipline and related disciplines.
7- To have a certain knowledge on the methods of reaching to written and visual data sources, and to be able to assess this data in terms of theoratical analysis and practise.
8- To be able to share ideas and solutions on problems both verbally and in written by providing quantitative and qualitative data.
9- To be able to follow the knowledge and information on Chemistry science and communicate with collagues by using a foreign language.
10- To be able to use the computer softwares alongwith other informatic and communicative Technologies on a required level by the field.
11- 11-To be able to maintain the knowledge and the experiences on Chemistry alive, to be able to develop one’s self by exchanging and sharing these experiences with others and
12- To be able to use information and communication technologies together with computer software required by the field
13- To keep its knowledge and experience in chemistry constantly alive; to enrich this knowledge by sharing with others; to carry the education to an advanced level of education.