Profile of the Programme
Physics department together with its all instructors intends that to give all students basic physics knowledge via benefits of modern day technologies. The period of bachelor’ s level is 4 years. In order to graduate, the student must take Research Project I and II lessons, succeed all of its lessons with at least GDA (Grade Average Point) point of 2.00 over 4.00. Education language is Turkish. Alumnies from this department can work as a researcher at their spesific areas and a researcher at R&D laboratories at different governmental and private sector institutions, modern analysis and quality control laboratories and in case of taking mandatory education certificate, they can serve at various institutions. In our department, there is a M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes. Our gradute students are registered for one of the Statistical Physics, Atomik and Molecular Physics, General Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Mathematical Physics areas.