Programme Information
TThe Department of Statistics at Gazi University in1982 had taken place as a whole part in Faculty of Arts and Sciences. With theseparation of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2011, the Department ofStatistics takes part in the Faculty of Sciences. With a core faculty of 21academician and it has also 15 Teaching Assistants who are graduate students.The graduate program leads to a Master of Science, Doctorate. The undergraduateprogram leads to Associate Degree and Bachelor of Science. The main language ofinstruction is Turkish. Each year, 80 undergraduate students are admitted intothe department. CompulsaryEnglish preparatory education had been required for the daytime students since2010-2011 academic year has been terminated and 100% Turkish language programhas been passed in 2017-2018 academic year. Students are required to take andpass at least 240 ECTS courses in order to graduate. Practicum of courses isconducted in two computer laboratories. Elective courses selected in a widediversity from economics to sociology aim to contribute tostudents'' vision of practice.