Programme Information

Two private colleges named ‘Capital Dentistry Coleges’ and ‘Ankara Dentistry Colleges’ were established in accordance with law no. 625 ‘private educational institutions’ law in 1968- 1969 academic year in Ankara. In 1971with the law no.1472, these two colleges was commited ‘Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy’ (A.E.C.S.A) and has changed its name ‘AnkaraDentistry Coleges’. On November 8, 1978 with the law no. 2237, the legal entityof this college is terminated and has changed its name ‘A.E.C.S.A. DentistryCollege’. On July 20, 1982 the law no. 41 ‘About the organization of highereducation institutions decrees’ The A.E.C.S.A. Dentistry College wasparticipated in Gazi University and the first step has been taken about ‘GaziUniversity, Faculty of Dentistry’.,

Including 2013 academic year 3676dentist and 391 PhD student has graduatedfrom Gazi University Faculty ofdentistry. Currently 780 students are receiving education in our faculty.

Our faculty are scheduled formaleducation. The language of instruction is Turkish. Our faculty of educationperiod of 5 years. In our faculty, ÖSYM exam usually preferred in the firstplace, education and training programs are conducted  in two sections called‘Basic Dental Sciences’ and ‘Clinical Sciences’. The scope of these twosections, in our faculty; theoretical and practical courses, ethic within BasicMedicine and dentistry information, communication, courses includes statisticsand research topics are offered. In addition, students gain knowledge andskills in different areas of their interest and to allow for the development ofelective courses are also part of our education and training program.

Education, research and health servicesIn our faculty is continued with 71  professordoctors, 24 associate Professors, 19 assistant professors, 6 lecturers, 4  specialists and 76 research assistants worksin 8 departments.

Gazi University Faculty of Dentistryis served in four buildings. These are; Building A  located is the dean and administrative offices, Buildings B,C,D and E including the clinics belongs to thedepartments, laboratories, conference room and classrooms. There are 4classrooms, 4 student’s laboratories, 1 oral pathology laboratory, 9 student’s clinics, 8 lecturer’s clinics, 2 operating rooms belongs to the Department of Oral and MaxillofacialSurgery, 1 operating room belongs to the Department of Periodontology, 1 confence room, 1 seminar room and 1 student’s canteen in our facultybuildings.

In our clinic, approximately 40,000patients are treated in the oral and dental health in a year.

Since 2005, within the ErasmusProgramme, in our faculty in cooperation with European universities, the mutual exchange of student and lecturers are made. Including 2013, the number ofstudents going to European Universities is 33, lecturer is 22 and studentscomes from Europe is 2.

Each year our faculty ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''home coming''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''event under the name of a traditional event is held. In this event; graduates with25 years in the profession come together and there becomes a sharing of scientific and socially. Additionally, in our faculy, there are students groups that organize variety of cultural and artistic activities such as concerts,excursions, exhibitions conference and operate in different areas.