Programme Information
The automotive engineering program aims to train qualified manpower to design, develop, manufacture, maintain and repair motor vehicles, to organize workplaces and to carry out commercial activities. The engineering education given in the Automotive Engineering Department aims to educate the students in both directions, both theoretical and practical. In order to improve the engineering practice of the students, both the workshop and laboratory facilities available in the department are utilized as well as the opportunities of the Automotive Industry. The rapid change and complexity of motor vehicle technologies necessitates the recruitment of talented people who are better trained in this field. One of the most important objectives of the automotive engineering department is to train engineers who have high creativity needs of the sector. Students are accepted to automotive engineering department from general high schools and vocational and technical secondary education institutions providing education in related field. Students from vocational and technical secondary education institutions are subjected to a one-year orientation training. Duration of education and training is 8 semesters (4 years). Students who successfully complete the four-year education program are awarded a bachelor''s degree. In addition to industrial internship, students receive one semester of workplace training within the 8-semester education period.