Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Based on MSc qualifications, investigate, improve and make specific definitions of current and advanced knowledge belonging to any divisions in Civil Engineering by use of genuine ideas and/or investigations at a level of expertise, which will cause reforms in science.
2- To realize the interaction between disciplines associated with their specialty area; attain original results by use of expertise knowledge as well as analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas,
3- The ability of approach to latest knowledge in his/her specialty area systematically and able to gain advanced skills in various research methods in his/her specialty area ,
4- The ability of improve a new technique, to develop a new method in science or apply a well-known technique to a different area, comprehend, envisage, adapt and apply and investigate an original subject,
5- The ability of make critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas
6- Ability to innovate in science, develop a new scientific method or contribute to science by conducting a publishable authentic study which includes application of a well-known technique to another area
7- To extend the boundaries of his/her knowledge of their specialty area by publishing an article in national and/or international journals.
8- To gain the ability to lead solution of problems in original or multidisciplinary works
9- The ability of improve new ideas and techniques within the scope of their specialty area with the help of advanced mental processes such as creative and critical idea, problem solution decision–making.
10- To investigate social relationships and norms directing these relations from a critical point of view, improve them and if necessary, manage operations oriented to change them,
11- To communicate effectively within a group of expert demonstrating the proficiency in defending his/her original opinions.
12- Having the ability to communicate and argue orally, written and visually by at least one foreign language ,
13- To contribute to the process of being a knowledge community by presenting technological, social and cultural advances in the context of academy and professional works
14- The ability of establish functional relationships in problem solutions with the help of strategic decision making processes
15- The ability of create solutions to social, scientific and ethical problems encountered at his/her specialty area and profession and support developments in these values