Program Learning Outcomes
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1- -Ability of comprehension and using of necessary information to identify and solve advanced problems in the field.NA
2- Ability of supervising and teaching in the stages of collection, implementation, interpretation and dissemination of data related with the field by considering social, scientific, cultural and ethical values.
3- Ability of accessing to information related with scientific and technological developments and continuous renewal.
4- Ability of transmitting of knowledge, skill and experiences in the field to interdisciplinary practice.
5- Evaluation, data analysis and written/oral presentation skills in scientific works.
6- Ability of research topics determination that contributes the literature according to needs of society and industry.
7- Ability of determination of goal and objective, creation of roadmap, planned work for a scientific study.
8- Ability of using the research findings in technological application and/or in directing scientific research subjects.
9- Awareness of legal rights in execution and dissemination of research findings.
10- Effective working skill in disciplinary teams and doing leadership in such teams.
11- - Effective working skill in multi-disciplinary teams and doing leadership in such teams.
12- Ability of doing works that bring innovation to the field and contribute to the literature including new ideas/methods/design/implementation and so on skills.
13- Ability of bringing innovation in science/a new scientific method development/implementation of known method to a new field.
14- Ability of submitting international project proposal and designing of works.
15- Ability of carrying out independent research, commenting by a perspective that examining scientific studies
16- Developing inquiry, problem solving, creative thinking, and so on methods skills.
17- Ability of examining international scientific publications in foreign languages and doing scientific presentation skills