Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Has a systematic knowledge and understanding about the research area covering the latest developments in order to perform remarkable and original contribution to knowledge in the field on the basis of The high degree of competency gained at the masters degree.
2- Has the necessary knowledge and understanding about Teaching / learning and assessment strategies and their theoretical foundations.
3- Has the necessary knowledge and understanding of the norms and standards for best practices and the ethic principles underlying about Research and publication areas.
4- Has the knowledge and understanding about the latest developments in the research field and the interface among other fields and has the ability to understand interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary research tactics and techniques
5- Has the highest level of mastery and specialization on skills and techniques, including synthesis and evaluation, on identifying problems in the field of innovation and/or research and solving them and expand the existing knowledge or professional practice, or re-define it.
6- Has the ability to execute a pioneering academic study in a dialectical manner and has the skill to enter an academic dialogue in order to achieve dialectical results.
7- Demonstrates a competency at the highest levels of academic or professional context Including research contexts, a valued competency in the development of new ideas or processes and innovation, independence, academic and professional integrity and commitment.
8- Makes decisions and acts on a wider knowledge and understanding of social, cultural, economical and historical context and relations
9- Promotes a qualified work based on original research, and contribute to knowledge in the field of study via publishing in national and international peer-reviewed journals.
10- Exhibits leadership and innovation in work and study conditions that require solving of problems that have new, complex and unpredictable and many interrelated factors.
11- Contributes to social and cultural progress in Academic and professional contexts in a knowledge-based technological society.
12- Reveals the capacity to develop new ideas and has a high level of understanding about learning processes
13- Uses one foreign language at European Language Portfolio C1 General Level along with advanced writing, both verbal and visual communication and debates.
14- Has the ability to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas corresponding to the most advanced research in the field with a dialectical approach.
15- Shows that he/she has the With decision-making capacity and experience of operational interaction in the face of complex issues related to the research field
16- Contribute to the problem solving and decision making processes regarding the social, scientific, cultural and ethical values in the field of research and supports their development.