Program Learning Outcomes
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1- 1. Based on previous graduate qualifications, current and advanced knowledge in the field of Statistics should be developed and deepened in the level of expertise by using original thinking and research. Also, original definitions should be reached to bring innovation in the field of Statistics.
2- 2. The students enrolled in PhD contribute to progress in the field of Statistics by developing a new concept, method, or application or by performing an original study implementing an application or design to different area.
3- 3. By making synthesis and evaluation or critical analysis of new and complex ideas, one should reach original results using knowledge required in the level of expertise.
4- 4. The students should participate actively in national and international scientific studies.
5- 5. The students should have skills of disciplinary and interdisciplinary team and individual work, and also they should be capable of independent decision making skill.
6- 6. The entire process from the identification of an original scientific problem to report should be performed in written, oral and visual ways.
7- 7. By using a foreign language in an advanced level, they should communicate and discuss verbally and documentary.
8- 8. The students should be aware of scientific ethics and rules and act in accordance with these rules.
9- 9. At the required level of field of statistics, he/she should use statistical software and information technology efficiently in a such a way that helps solving problems in his/her research.
10- 10. He/she should contribute to the society in which he/she lives to make it information society by introducing scientific, social, culturel progress of statistics field.