Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Posesses extensive knowledge accumulation on the field of Pharmaceutical Technology, learns pre-formulations of all pharmaceutical dosage forms, formulation designs and in vitro/in vivo evaluations of formulations.
2- Gains the capability of following up novalities in technology, and posesses the capability of literature search, evaluation and interpretation on the fields of Pharmacy.
3- Gains the capability of patent search and evaluation and patenting regarding the formulations of active drug ingredient, dosage forms and preparation technologies.
4- Learns sufficient knowledge on the the field of laboratory, pilot batch and industrial scale productions, quality controls, quality assurance system, good manufacture practice (GMP) and stability assurance of all dosage forms.
5- Learns the knowledge satisfying the capability level for designing original and generic drugs, evaluating process validation and quality assurance.
6- Learns the interpretation, statistical evaluation and practical application of the research results.
7- Posesses the knowledge on new drug delivery systems and posesses the knowledge and capacity on targetting these systems at a level of an expert.
8- Learns designing, formulations, preparation techniques, physical and chemical stabilities of biotechnological products.
9- Gains the capability of finding solutions to the problems encountered during research. He/she gains the capability of analytical thinking. He/she gains the capability of publishing the experimental results in the national/international journals.
10- Gains the capability of following and interpretion of important wold health organizations (FDA, EMA, ICH and WHO) and official reference books (pharmacopoeia etc.). As a result, he/she transfers his/her knowledge to the field of Pharmaceutical Technology, and develops new approaches.