Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Gaining the necessary theoretical and applied knowledge on engineering, mathematics, and science, skills for determining, defining and formulating computer engineering problems.
2- Gaining the ability to choose and apply appropriate analysis, modeling and design methods in computer engineering problems.
3- Gaining the ability to design a system, process or product related to computer engineering for a specific given purpose, gaining the ability to apply modern design tools.
4- Gaining the ability to evaluate the issues of security, robustness, adaptability, economy, ecological problems and sustainability in engineering solutions under realistic constraints and conditions.
5- Gaining the ability of simulation, experimenting, design, interpreting results for analysis and solution of computer engineering problems. Gaining the ability of analyzing of data for real problems which are need of industry.
6- Gaining the ability to use contemporary techniques and tools, information technologies for engineering applications.
7- Gaining the ability to work efficiently as individual or in a group in computer engineering discipline or in interdisciplinary studies. Gaining the ability to act independently, to use initiative when needed, and to be creative.
8- Gaining the ability to communicate efficiently by expressing his/her opinions in Turkish verbally or in written form in a concise manner. Gaining ability to efficiently use at least a foreign language in his/her proficiency.
9- Gaining the ability to grasp the significance of the concepts in areas such as business entrepreneurship, innovation and gaining ability for planning and management of a project.
10- Gaining the ability of awareness about self-renewal concept by comprehending the necessity of lifelong learning.
11- Gaining the ability to have professional and ethical responsibility.
12- The development of personality such as self-confidence, undaunting in the face of difficulties, consistency and patience.
13- Awareness about problems concerning with social, economic, environmental, etc. in our age and realization of the engineering profession by keeping mind in the responsibility which is related the awareness.