Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Knows the basic concepts and terminology related to the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and uses this knowledge in studies, research and applications.
2- To make the necessary evaluation, definition and planning for physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications by using theoretical and practical concepts and principles in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
3- Applies the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program systematically and safely within the framework of ethical principles; terminates or changes if necessary.
4- Initiates initiatives to protect and promote community health and well-being.
5- It contributes to the production of health strategies and policies appropriate to the changing and diversifying needs of the society in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
6- Organize physiotherapy and rehabilitation services effectively and adequately, manage the business processes necessary for the continuity and development of quality and organizational function; produce solutions to problems in accordance with information and evidence.
7- Carries out professional and academic studies independently by using his / her know-how and works as a team member and takes responsibility in effective communication and cooperation with other professional groups working in this field.
8- Records and prepares reports for quality service and research in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation; participates in all stages of research and project implementation.
9- It adopts the principle of personal development, information literacy and lifelong learning in non-field subjects as well as in its own field; contributes to quality development, training and promotion programs in the field and exhibits professional behavior at international level.
10- Directs social relations in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, can examine different norms from a critical point of view.
11- Contributes to the process of becoming an information society by evaluating the progress in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
12- Follows the developments in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation by using at least one foreign language and uses these developments in accordance with their own society.
13- Adopts the physiotherapist's powers and duties, patient rights, basic social and legal principles in line with the criteria and processes of the social security institution.
14- Adopts the principle of lifelong learning and knows the importance of master and doctorate education in the field.