Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Sufficient knowledge on mathematics, science and computer engineering; ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in these areas to model and solve complex engineering problems
2- Ability to identify, define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems; ability to choose and apply appropriate analysis and modelling methods for these purposes
3- Ability to design a complex system, process, device, software, algorithm, or product under realistic constraints and circumstances to meet certain requirements; ability to apply modern design techniques for this purpose
4- Ability to choose, develop and use modern techniques and tools necessary for engineering applications; ability to effectively use computing technologies
5- Ability to design and implement systems or experiments to solve complex engineering problems or investigate research topics in computer engineering; collect and interpret data to evaluate and analyze the results of solutions
6- Ability to work effectively in intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams or individually
7- Ability to efficiently prepare, evaluate and interpret reports; ability to generate design and production reports
8- Ability to make presentations, conduct effective verbal and written communication, and give clear directions in Turkish and English
9- Awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning; ability to access information, follow scientific and technological developments; ability to perpetually renew oneself
10- Awareness of professional and ethical responsibility, ability to act in accordance with ethical principles
11- Ability to apply knowledge on project management, risk management and change management
12- Awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development
13- Ability to devise local and global solutions to contemporary issues considering the effects of engineering applications on health, environment and security
14- Awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions
15- Ability to apply knowledge on software development process and documentation rules
16- Knowledge on standards used in engineering applications
17- Awareness of occupational health and safety, information security and privacy