Program Learning Outcomes
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1- The normal structure and functions of the human body and specifically the structures of the mouth and the teeth on the basis of cells, tissues, organs and systems, know the interactions.
2- Causes and formation of oral, dental and jaw diseases mechanisms, the findings caused by the structure and dysfunction and organism affect.
3- In the national core training program of dentistry and Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry Signs and symptoms in the Extended Education Program findings, diseases and conditions and occupational know the applications at a specified level, understand, associates and evaluates
4- In line with personal learning needs to reach the best scientific evidence available, knows to evaluate reliability and validity.
5- Legislation on professional legal responsibilities, know deontology and ethical principles.
6- In the national core training program of dentistry and Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry Professional in the Extended Education Program know and do applications at a specified level.
7- Tanı, tedavi ve takip süreçlerini kanıta dayalı uygulama, eleştirel düşünce ve etik prensipleri önceleyerek yürütür.
8- Is aware of the limitations, professional development puts personal learning goals in a way to support to the appropriate center if necessary directs
9- Diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaws in society knows the incidence, prevention and reduction contributes.
10- Independently practicing on its own duties and responsibilities related to the law, regulation, acts in accordance with the legislation and ethical principles.
11- Has teamwork and leadership skills, become role models to colleagues and society
12- Plans personal professional development, lifelong performs with the principle of learning.
13- Patients, patient relatives, other health personnel, community, effective written and oral communication with relevant sectors and media communicates.
14- Foreign language and information communication technologies monitors innovations in the profession.