Programme Information
Audiology is the branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Its practitioners, who treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent related damage are audiologists. Audiology professionals first started practice in US in 1940. In Turkey, audiology was started by Hacettepe Un. in 1967. Odyolgogist is already one of the medical specialists formally described in Turkey, who are graduate of either 4 year graduate-schools of Audiology or who have completed postdoctorate degree (MS/PhD) in the Audiology programs. Audiology MS program was started in Gazi Un. in 2002. Lectures and practice of the program are done in Prof.Dr.N.Akyıldız Hearing Speech Voice and Balance Disorder Center within the university hospital. The center composed of 5 pediatric & 3 adult audiology test rooms, 5 indivudal therapy rooms, electrphysiology, vestibuler, voice and CI laboratories in addition to 1 lecture hall, 1 ENT diagnostics and newborn screening unit. The staff within the center is as follows: 2 clinical & 2 educational audiologists, 1 special education teacher & 6 audiometry technician. Sources about audiology and newborn screening program in Turkey: 1. Belgin E. Türkiye Klinikleri J E.N.T.-Special Topics 2012;5(2):21-7. 2. Aktaş F. Türkiye Klinikleri J E.N.T.-Special Topics 2012;5(2):28-31. 3. Kemaloğlu YK. Türkiye Klinikleri J E.N.T.-Special Topics 2012;5(2):1-10. 4. Bolat H, Genç A. Türkiye Klinikleri J E.N.T.-Special Topics 2012;5(2):11-4.