General Information
Ankara, Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy in 1955, which began teaching Economics, Business, Finance and Management Science Faculty, School of Accounting and Financial Studies and School of Banking and Insurance, incorporated in 1982, Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has established today by taking . Turkey proud of being one of the largest in the faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Academy with the tradition and history as well as social areas in the field of education is one of the leading schools. Work with approximately 10 000 students to take entrance exams in the first place for many years, our faculty is regarded as the most prominent feature. Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, Finance, Econometrics and Labour Economics and Industrial Relations in the seventh section of the education faculty has over 150 faculty members. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences since 2003, double major and minor application is carried out between departments in Gazi University. Success in education and training over 30 student clubs, which have continued unabated throughout the year is almost scientific, cultural, artistic and sporting activities that integrate with the campus faculty and students in a central location in the capital Ankara is preparing the best way to life.