General Information

Institute of Fine Arts has beenestablished as affiliated to the GaziUniversity Rectorate by the decision ofthe Council of Ministers on thedate of 08.04.2010. The newly establishedarts/sciences major departments in thefieldsof art and design has shown a rapiddevelopment in the last two yearswithpostgraduate programmes.

Institute ofFine Arts aims totrain artists anddesigners who will give direction to thefields of Art andDesign in thenational and international platform, haveknowledge about Turkishand World Art,has managed to bring experiences togetherin a contemporaryline, and willcontribute to methods and practices of the field.The aim of the Institute is totrain artistsand designers who would influencethe national and internationalart of theworld with their experience andknowledge. On the way the studentswho graduate,will manage to bring togetherexperiences in a contemporary line,and contributeto the methods and practicesof the field. The institute,which provides expertise in the field ofartand design, has been carrying outpost-graduate programs inmultidisciplinaryfields within the faculties of FineArts, Art and Design, andTurkish Music StateConservatory sections and withthese science/art majordepartments.

Institute ofFine Arts has been continuing the post-graduateeducationprograms includingseven master's and five doctorate/proficiencyprograms inart departments in thefields of painting, sculpture, graphics,traditionalTurkish arts, fashiondesign, design culture, combined arts, mediadesign andTurkish music, and hasbeen carrying on works to open new programs.Thelectures at the Institute aregiven by 19 Professors, 18 associateprofessors,28 assistant professors. Aperiod of PhD / Proficiency in Art’s takes4 + 2years and the Master's period is2 +1 years. According to the regulationsforthe students who successfullycomplete specific course credits,scientificthesis or artistics(exhibition/performance, etc.) are evaluated bythe jurybefore graduation.