General Information

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences was established with the Law Rule Number 41 and has started to accept students for graduate programs according to the Graduate Instruction Rule Number 2457 since 1983.

The main objective of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is to arrange the graduation courses in Science and Engineering, to give direction to graduate studies and projects by following scientific and technologic developments, and to destine students to further research on current issues.

As of December 2013, 4294 students registered in Master’s Degree and 1062 students in PhD, so totally 5388 students have been educated in Institute in 33 graduate programs. There have been 233 professors, 157 associate professors, 151 assistant professors and 33 Instructors, who have earned PhD degree. This Stuff put their signature to better and more qualified studies consistently and been working in order to improve Gazi University to better degree.

The students, registered to graduate programs should continue to their studies with their lectures, seminar and thesis according the rules given in the regulation. They have to complete their education in the period that is indicated in the regulation.

Graduate education and research activities of Institute of Science and Technology loom large for Gazi University, which is one of Turkey's best educational institutions. The Institute with the distinguished scientific staff has been continued to educate future scientists and works in according to own vision and mission.

The Institute of Science and Technology educates qualified labor force to contribute Gazi University’s R & D activities. For this purpose the Institute performs national and international academic studies with sunshine act and high sense of responsibility.