General Information
Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences was founded in 1982 due to the 2547 numbered Law of Higher Education. Particularly Institute of Business Management and the other institutes which give science proficiency education (Finance, Statistics etc.) that operate within Ankara Economics and Commercial Sciences Academy, consituted the core of Social Sciences Insitute and also the first step in Institute’s historical development. Our Institute progressed for giving post-graduate education almost in every field of social sciences since 1982. 159 programmes is been reached in our Institute with 83 master’s programmes, 30 non-thesis master’s programmes and 41 doctoral programmes within 33 departments. Maximum duration for doctoral programmes is 12 mid-terms and 6 for master’s programmes as well. Lectures in master’s and doctoral programmes last in 2 mid-terms. With the assignment of advisors, students’ thesis subjects are decided, their thesis projects are prepared and after they complete their thesis, the students which assert their graduation dissertation in front of the jury with success take their certificate of graduation.