General Information
Gazi University Faculty of Science, is firstly founded in 1978-1979 academic year as Statistics and the Faculty of Basic Sciences under Economics and Commercial Sciences Academy. In 1982, with the 2809 numbered Constitution of Higher Education for the adoption of Decree Law No. 41 it became Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. With the 2010/1371 numbered and February 11, 2011 dated Decree Law, the name of the faculty was changed to Faculty of Science. Faculty of Science is active with the Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Departments. Faculty has 88 professors, 49 associate professors, 31 assistant professors, 4 lecturers, 49 research assistants and 8 specialists with a total number of 229 academic staff members serving. Education in the departments is in Turkish with a 4 years period. To extend the quality of education of the departments of the faculty, accreditation and double branch studies are continuing. At the same time, a night-education class in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Departments is also offered. In addition, in the Department of Statistics, 30% of the classes given in English language. In addition, from the 2010 - 2011 academic year, students who graduated from the departments of Faculty of Science gain the Pedagogical Formation Certificate.