A Brief History of Gazi University


Gazi University is one of the few universities whose history dates back to 1920s. Right after the declaration of the Turkish Republic, 'Teacher Training School' was established in 1926 by the directive of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In 1929, the name of the school was changed as 'Gazi Teacher Training School' and it served under this name for many years.

In 1976, it was renamed as 'Gazi Institute of Education', which was converted to Gazi University in 1982. Under the roof of this new institution, Gazi Faculty of Education, which was known as Gazi Institute of Education; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which was known as Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences; Faculty of Medicine, which was originally founded to meet Ankara’s need of doctors and health staff; Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacology, which were known as Schools of Dentistry and Pharmacology; and Faculty of Communications, renamed from Schools of Journalism and Public Relations, continued education. Ankara Academy of State Engineering and Architecture was also included under the roof of Gazi University, with the new name of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

When Gazi University was first built, it had 9 faculties, 12 schools and 4 institutes, but the number of academic units has increased rapidly. Today, Gazi University, with its 20 faculties, 5 schools, 11 vocational schools, 51 research centres and 7 institutes carry out research and education activities. Gazi University, which is one of the best 500 universities of the world, provides the quality education with the motto of “It is a privilege to be a Gazi graduate”.